Low temperature heating and cooling with solar thermal energy

The Equideas capillary mat heating and cooling system is the most comfortable and energy efficient system on the market.

For more than 15 years, conventional HVAC systems (heating, ventilating and airconditioning) are being replaced by the ecological and climate efficient technology of capillary tube mats for heating and cooling. Water filled capillary mats are used for the implementation in ceilings, floors and walls.

The capillary tubes are made of polypropylene, with an outer diameter of about 4 millimeters, which run in a narrower distance than convetional floor-heating pipes. Because of it’s large exchange surface, large amount of energy can be transferred even at low temperature differences between the room air and the room surfaces. By integrating the capillary tube mats directly into the floor, ceiling or wall the reaction of the system is very fast, and within a few minutes the required surface temperature has been reached. Even if implemented into light concrete, cap mats need only need ¼ of the time to heat up than conventional systems which saves you up to 40 % of energy.