TWINSOLAR dehumidifying, heating and ventilating - independent - effective

Air collectors are a source of fresh and warm air. This creates a healthy home environment, free from mold and moisture. Buildings, walls and inventory remain dry which is not only perfect for your building structure but also for the environment and your budget.

Twin Solar - air solar system

TWINSOLAR for Holiday Homes

The TWINSOLAR collector is a completely independent system, meaning that you do not have to be present for it to operate. Even after a long time of absence you will find that your home has a cosy, pleasant atmosphere. Forget problems of dampness, humidity and mold forever.

TWINSOLAR for homes and offices

Using the TWINSOLAR collectors with photovoltaic panels you are not only provided with a solar ventilation, but also with a system that improves the atmosphere and dehumidifies your home. In cold seasons you will enjoy warm, clean, renewed air. The TWINSOLAR system can be used to obtain hot water and even cool air.