IVT Solar - Solar thermal warm water heating systems

Fossil fuels will be consumed in a few years or they will be unaffordable for heat generation. Every year, the sun radiates an amount of energy free of charge that corresponds to around 10,000 times the world's primary energy requirement. No question about it: the sun is the energy source of the future. In new buildings as well as in the renovation of old buildings, the use of solar energy to heat living spaces and swimming pools is playing an increasingly important role alongside hot water heating by the sun.

ITV solar thermal drinking water heating system

Modern systems must be compatible with fossil and renewable energy sources (solar, pellets, heat pumps, etc.) and make the available resources optimally usable for energy supply. The decisive factor for the quality of a solar system is how much oil or gas it can replace with solar energy per year. A LATENTO solar system sets standards here.
An efficient solar thermal system not only provides warm water on summer days, but also uses solar energy in the transitional months and in winter. With many solar systems, however, the solar heat does not even reach the solar storage tank on cool days, as the collector immediately radiates the received solar heat again, or the energy gained is lost in the pipeline and storage system. These “apparent yields” then have to be raised to usable temperatures with expensive post-heating energy - not so with a LATENTO solar system.
It is not the size of the collector surface or the storage volume that determines the effectiveness of a solar thermal system, but the efficiency of its components and how well they are tailored to the needs of the user. With a larger collector surface, the yield could be increased, but this would worsen the solar efficiency. And the larger the collectors, the more often the system is idle in summer: the sun provides much more heat than the residents can use. Especially in transitional periods and in winter, when heating support is required, a LATENTO solar system is characterized by high solar yields and minimal heat losses.
LATENTO uses large and small solar power for hot water production and uses it to support the heating even in frosty conditions. That is the highest efficiency for a maximum of year-round solar heat.

Of course we can also examine special needs, as CitrinSolar not only builds intelligent storage technology for solar energy in standard sizes for private customers, but also tailored ones in the XXL format for industrial use. We are looking forward to advise you in a detailed interview.

ITV solar thermal drinking water heating system


Solar storage in layersc Four characteristics that make the difference

1. Layering

A stable stratification of the storage water temperatures ensures ...
a) ... exclusive use as heating support to
ensure that the temperature in the drinking water area - i.e. in the upper storage area - is maintained. Which can be taken. The output for DHW heating is also retained at all times . In the case of operation for heating support (extraction via exchanger in the middle area), the temperature for hot water (drinking water) is retained! b) ... sunny weather means that hot water is already charged for a shower after 30 minutes. The solar area remains cool even during reheating / charging, so that solar yield is still possible!

2. Insulation

The LATENTO plastic storage tank is completely made of insulating material (PP / PUR / PP).
Conventional steel storage tanks, on the other hand, have to be insulated afterwards. In addition, the LATENTO has no side or bottom connections that lead to heat loss (thermal bridges with conventional steel storage tanks). The temperature losses of 0.1 K / h are correspondingly low, which corresponds to a power loss of 63 W. For comparison: The steel storage system that was best tested by Stiftung Warentest 03/2009 has a power loss of 130 W. This difference in heat loss can correspond to the solar yield of a complete winter day (40 l hot water).

3. Performance

With a bulk volume of 247 l (65 ° C storage tank temperature, without post-heating), a continuous output of 1,220 l / h (85 ° C post-heating) and a performance figure NL of 7.3, the LATENTO XXL ensures a high level of comfort and rapid readiness to perform. On a sunny day, hot water can be taken for a shower after just 30 minutes of loading. In order to heat the contents of a much larger storage tank to a usable temperature, you need considerably more solar energy, which is often not available.

4. Compactness

Due to its dimensions of only 78x78x158 cm (floor space 0.64 m2, tilting dimension 176 cm), the LATENTO is ideal for renovating old buildings and in narrow spaces. Thanks to this compactness and the integrated carrying handles, the LATENTO can be transported without any problems and fits through all common standard doors. Further advantages of the LATENTO stratified storage tank
The structure of the drinking water heat exchanger ensures that the drinking water is preheated and cools the lower storage area. The LATENTO system starts up even with low solar yields. Storage can be used up to 85 ° C Latent material as a "storage turbo" for an additional increase in performance Digital temperature and level display